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Monthly Deli Special

Take $1 Off Signature Select Boxed Lunch
Choose between Turkey Berry Brie, Tenderloin with Horsey, Berry Chicken Salad, Royal Honey Ham, Super Bella Veggie. Boxed with deli side salad, chips, dipping sauce and cookie. (9.49 each with discount)

Sandwiches and Wraps

Classic Deli Sandwiches - $8.89

On assorted bakery breads with lettuce, tomato and assorted Boar's Head cheese. Served on platters and cut in half.
Condiments served on the side. All sandwich and wrap orcers come with one side.

Signature Select Sandwiches - $10.95

Chicken Breast Wraps - $9.75

Served with dipping sauce.

Choose Deli Side Dish
With parties of 20 or more, you may split your side dish between two items. Please indicate this in the special instructions box.
Special Instructions for Sandwiches, Wraps and Sides

Box Lunches

Traditional Box Lunch - $7.99
Includes a Boar's head Deli Sandwich, chips and a fresh baked cookie. Condiments served on side.

Presidential Box Lunch - $9.89
Includes a Boar's head Deli Sandwich with cheese, a deli side salad,chips and a fresh baked cookie. Condiments served on side.

Choose Deli Side
You may choose more than one type of side salad. Please indicate your choices in the special instruction box
Wrap-It-Up Box - $10.49
Includes chicken breast wrap with dipping sauce, a deli side salad, chips and fresh baked cookie.

Choose Deli Side

You may choose more than one type of side salad. Please indicate your choices in the special instruction box
Special Instructions for Box Lunches


Side portion (served in large bowl)

All salads come with assorted dressings served on the side, unless otherwise specified. All salads come with Ritz crackers.

Entree Portion (individual plate with lid)

Out to Impress

Mini Sandwich Tray - $11.75
Assorted Boar's Head sandwiches on mini bakery breads. 2 per person. Comes with 2 sides

Salad & Sandwich Duo - $14.95
A tray of assorted sandwiches and wraps, and a Blue Walnut Spring Salad with grilled chicken presented on a platter. Comes with one side.

Party Basket - $12.75
Assorted classic and gourmet deli sandwiches, wrapped individually in wax deli paper and served in a basket. Comes with 2 sides
V.I.P. Build-Your-Own - $12.95
A beautiful platter of Boar's Head deli meats and cheeses, lettuce, tomato, and assorted breads. Comes with 2 sides

Out To Impress- Sides Selection Box

Choose Deli Side #1

Choose Deli Side #2

The Working Agenda - $20.95
Continental Breakfast with Pastries, fresh fruit and Juices

For lunch, a Boar's Head sandwich platter(or boxed), with chips, cookies, tea and lemonade. Afternoon snack basket delivered with lunch
The Executive Agenda - $25.95
Continental Breakfast with Pastries, fresh fruit and Juices

For lunch, a Boar's Head sandwich platter(or boxed), with chips, cookies, tea and lemonade. Afternoon snack basket delivered with lunch

Lunch Presentation:
Choose Deli Side


All drinks served with cups and ice.

Special Instructions for Drinks or Desserts


All desserts are priced per person.

Snack Baskets - Fresh Fruit, candy, baked goods, and snack mix

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Hot Entrees

All Carlyle's hot entrees are cooked from fresh ingredients daily. All entrees come with 2 sides of your choice, and rolls and butter.
Minimum of 10 persons per entree selection except on vegetarian dishes.
Entrees are served warm in chafing dishes.

Monthly Specials

Jambalaya Lunch - $11.95
This classic New Orleans stew features chicken, andouille sausage, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and mild Creole spices. Served with white rice, a garden salad, and cornbread muffins
Chicken Pot Pie - $12.95
Everyone loves comfort food in February! This signature dish features diced chicken breast, fresh garden veggies, rich gravy, and a golden crust. Served with white rice, a garden salad, and rolls and butter.
Soup and International Deli Combo - $12.95
A bowl of our signature Tomato Basil Bisque, a half Boar's Head sandwich per person from our New International Deli line, and an arugula side salad. Served with dressings on side and crackers.

Please select your entree, enter the quanity, and choose your two sides!

Chicken Dishes

Quantity (Min. 10)

Pork Dishes

Quantity (Min. 10)

Seafood Dishes

Quantity (Min. 10)

Choose Your Sides

Special Instructions for Sides

Beef Dishes

Quantity (Min. 10)

Vegetarian Dishes


Pasta Dishes

All pasta dishes come with garden OR Caesar salad with dressings on side, and garlic bread

Quantity (Min. 10)

Special Instructions for Hot Food

Themed Luncheons

20 person minimum, please.

La Fiesta Fajita - $13.95
Beef tacos and chicken fajitas. Served with Spanish rice, black OR refried beans, tortilla chips, and all the toppings.

Southern Sunday - $15.95
Choose TWO between fried chicken, honey glazed ham, and tender sliced roast beef. Served with mashed potatoes, green beans, garden salad, and corn bread muffins. ($1 more for Roast Beef)

Pan Asian - $15.95
Choose TWO between teriyaki chicken, orange chicken, or Kalbi beef. Served with Asian veggies, fried rice, mini spring rolls, sweet & sour and soy sauce.

Mama Mia Pasta Bar - $15.95
Choose Two of your favorite Carlyle's pasta dishes. Served with a garden OR Caesar salad, and garlic bread.

Bubba's Barbecue - $13.75
Chopped BBQ pork and chicken breast with BBQ sauce, buns, baked beans, potato salad and Cole slaw.
The Cook Out - $13.75
Angus burgers and all beef franks, grilled and served with all the trimmings. Served with baked beans and homemade potato salad
Special Instructions for Themed Luncheons
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