May Specials

Prices are per person. 10 guests minimum


Our partnership with Covenant Farm continues this month! With your support, we’ve helped Covenant House Georgia establish Covenant Farm in south Atlanta. Carlyle’s buys produce from the Farm, and features locally grown herbs and vegetables in our monthly specials. For May, the featured ingredients are Heirloom Radishes and Turnip Greens.
Every time you order catering specials from Carlyle’s, you support the mission of Covenant House Georgia – to shelter and support homeless youth in Atlanta.

May SpecialMay Special


Hello Friends,
We’re having fun at Carlyle’s this spring. Our partnership with Covenant Farm has brought an influx of locally grown organic fresh vegetables and herbs into our kitchen, and our chefs are having a ball! Our May Specials feature two crops currently being harvested at the Farm – heirloom radishes and turnip greens. 
We’ve used radishes and turnip greens in just about every dish. We’ve used them in unconventional ways that will make you re-think your assumptions about these vegetables. The two ingredients don’t take over the flavor of any dish. They add color, crunch and complexity to already amazing entrees.  
Every time you order one of these specials, you support Covenant House Georgia in two ways. First, we buy all the produce from the shelter’s farm, so the shelter makes money. Second, we donate 25 cents back to the shelter for every portion we’ve sold. It adds up! 
We hope you are as excited as we are about the Covenant Farm program. Let us know if your company would like be involved.
As always, thank you for your business. We appreciate you! 


Thank You!!
Walt Torbert
Sales and marketing manager
Carlyle’s Catering


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