The Daily Mix by Carlyle’s is a daily lunch program designed to provide our clients quality, variety, and value. Individuals
choose what they want for lunch each day – with hot, deli, and green options. All meals come individually boxed and sealed,
maximizing employee safety.

Ordering Daily Lunch Keeps Your Office
Safe, Happy, and Productive!

The Safest Option – Having lunch delivered to your employees by a single, trusted vendor eliminates person-to-person contact your
employees will encounter if they go out to lunch each day, or if they each use a delivery service.

Goodwill With Your People – As some employees return while others stay home, providing daily lunch sends a positive message,
reassuring employees that their safety is your top priority.

Improved Productivity – It’s been proven that employer-provided meals increase worker productivity. Studies show increased
employee satisfaction and reduced absenteeism, in addition to productivity, gained when employees stay in the office during lunch.


  • All food items will be labeled. Gluten-free and vegetarian foods will be labeled.
  • Most special dietary restrictions are covered by these menus. Please notify Carlyle’s of any allergies.
  • 48 hours advance notice required.
  • Substitutions allowed for an additional charge.


Service. Care. Tradition.

  • Custom Menus
  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Equipment Rentals
  • In Business Since 1976
  • Friendly and Timely Service
  • Professional Set-Up & Presentation

Great Food. Great Service.

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